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New Patients


It is our pleasure to welcome you! We provide the best care possible to each of our patients, including emergency patients. We value your time and have appointments to accommodate you.Initial exams usually require dilating eye drops that enlarge your pupils and may cause light sensitivity or blurred vision. Please arrange to have another person drive you home from your office visit.

New patients will be asked for each of the following on their first visit:

  1. Your insurance card.

  2. Managed care insurance policies state that you need a referral at the time of your visit; otherwise, we will not be authorized to see you. Please call your primary physician for an HMO referral if you are coming for a medical eye evaluation (versus a routine eye examination). Visit our “Insurance and Financial” section for further information.
  3. Co-payment and deductibles will be collected at the time of your visit. We accept MasterCard and Visa credit cards, checks, and cash.
  4. Our office requires the completion of a “New Patient Form”, which can be downloaded and filled out before your appointment.

Our doctors provide routine eye exams and medical eye exams. (Visit our “Services” section for detailed information.)

What is a refraction, a medical eye exam, and a routine eye exam?

  1. refraction is an evaluation with corrective lenses to determine if there is a need for glasses or to change an existing glass prescription.

  2. medical eye exam is the evaluation of conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration, and diabetic retinopathy. A medical eye exam does not include a refraction.
  3. Routine Eye Exam: Routine eye exam is an eye exam including a refraction . A routine exam is billed through vision insurance.


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